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Jimmy Page - Houston, Texas - February 27, 1975


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Finally have a Facebook page up and will showcase some of the photos on the site..... I could use any "Likes" you all feel like giving now that it is just getting started....


Here's a cool shot of Jimmy and his bow that's been hiding for about 4 decades that Sam R. just put up - ENJOY!



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Thanks, Jeff! I posted this photo on the other thread, but it applies to the date of the thread.... I have gotten emails asking for more LZ Houston 75 shots... Believe this or not, I only had a crappy little Kodak Instamatic 110 Camera, with a whole roll of 12 PHOTOS! Only 12 squeezes of the trigger to document the concert of a lifetime.... And with a lousy camera with no zoom or high resolution lens...! Well, better the Instamatic than nothing, I guess...

And to top it off - here I am, finally at the concert I have been waiting for my whole life (This Houston 75 gig was the first show after the release in stores of the eagerly awaited, Physical Graffiti double album 2 days earlier) So at least we got to hear the album before the gig....

But still, I got front freaking row underneath Robert center mike, (the show was general admission!) there was no security barrier, and I could have tapped Plant on the feet from my vantage point..... Anyway, boy do I wish I would have had a better camera and a LOT more film...But the show will remain etched in my mind for a lifetime.... These two photos at least capture the view I had for the Houston gig.... They were well rested coming after a 2 week hiatus and were ready to kick off the 2nd leg in ferocious style in Houston town that particular night.


Here's another shot,that I have done "heavy grain" effect to (like the cover of Led Zep I) and I think it looks kind of cool.... This is just a lo res copy, but the full resolution photo really looks nice as a 20x30" and has a real Hammer of the Gods feel to it... They really tore it up that night, but no bootleg exists of ANY kind, to date.... Oh, please SHOWCO people....liberate this soundboard!!!!

Led Zeppelin - Houston, Texas - February 27, 1975


Mark Bowman Images - 1975 ©

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You Tube is your freind... :)

There is no bootleg for this show, unfortunately. I have every available bootleg concert recording spanning their entire career. And actually since i've completed the collection, I've created a YouTube Page :) Long Live Led Zeppelin were i plan to eventually share the entire collection. I upload concerts all of the time and if anyone wants a specific concert or has a request, i will gladly upload it for you. I started a thread here on this, Sharing my Zep Collection or something, i forget the exact label. But anyway, yeah it sucks there has never been a boot on this show, Hopefully some day in the future we will get to hear it!!!!!


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