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Robert Plant Signed Drum - FSID Charity


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Robert Plant Signed Drum

FSID; The Foundation for the Study of Infant Death


When I first came up with the idea for this project many people asked me if I would allow a non drummer to sign the drum. My answer was always the same; only if they are hugely well known, a legendary rock God.

Well here is such a person. Robert Plant, lead singer with the greatest band of all time; Led Zeppelin!

Robert was also the lead singer of The Band of Joy, a Birmingham based band which also featured John Bonham on drums and Kevyn Gammond on guitar. Already a seasoned guitarist, having played with Jimmy Cliff in his teens. Kevyn went on to play with Bronco and Jimmy Witherspoon before reforming The Band of Joy in the late Seventies.

I know this because Kevyn and Robert formed a band with my husband called The Priory of Brion. When I came up with the idea for Drummers 4 fsid I asked Kevyn to pass a letter on to Robert asking if he would support this cause. Now I can only imagine how often Robert gets asked to do stuff like this, so you can understand my excitement when Robert sent a message back saying he would sign the drum.

And here is his signature:


A very big thank you to Robert for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and do this for us and an equally big thank you to Kevyn for making it happen.

Don’t forget, YOU CAN WIN THIS SNARE DRUM!! Just visit our handy JustGiving page HERE and donate at least £2 safely and securely. For every £2 you donate you will get one entry to win the snare drum!

Here is a pic just prior to signing with a secret message to all you drummers out there.


-Dani xx


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