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Gore Vidal Died


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Well, some of us have to sleep. :zzz:

But yes, Gore Vidal's passing brings to a close a man's life that left a significant mark on our culture. A good(sometimes even great), perceptive and witty writer and thinker, he will be missed...especially among the left, which can be humour-deficient sometimes.

But as much as he contributed to the national dialogue and literary legacy, I feel slightly ashamed that when I hear the name Gore Vidal, my first reaction is to think of this moment:

That said, whether I agreed with him or not, Gore Vidal(much like his antagonist William F. Buckley) was always worth reading. It is a sign of the paucity and decline of intellectual thought in the U.S. that very few people exist anymore with the gifts of a Buckley or Vidal.

Or if they do, they don't get the access to the public that thinkers like Buckley and Vidal used to enjoy.

RIP Gore Vidal. I'm sure William F. is waiting for you with glee.

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A true intellectual and as the obituaries keep mentioning, "an elegant" author.

I loved his humor - how can you not laugh at "It's not enough to succeed, others must fail." I laugh every time I read that.

The only American on the scene who comes close to dissecting the sad state of US political affairs as Vidal is Glenn Greenwald.

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