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Going to Clarksdale next weekend...

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Just wish I could have heard more of what Robert said over the crowd noise. Could make out something about Hwy. 49 and Sonny Boy Williamson but that's it. Being somewhat familiar with that area, I wish I could hear more of his statement.


From what I could hear, Robert mentioned that he was fortunate in being able to see many of the original bluesmen in England when he first was starting out. He seemed to be marveling at the thought that he would come full circle in being able to play in this manner and give support where it all began.

Where we were situated it was very difficult to understand much of what was being said between songs.

I listened to the little bit of video I shot with my iphone and there were a group of idiots beside us with their back turned to the stage talking really loud about reality TV shows during the time Robert was talking for a good length of time, so much of what is being said I couldn't get.

I really wish people who attend music events would have more respect for those of us who care to be there.

But it was very apparent that Robert has deep respect for the music, people, and region.

Also he gave a huge shout-out for Peter Green, The Yardbirds, and Animals.

And before he sang "Witchdoctor" he said that John Mayall should be invited to the festival.

I am so glad Sam was able to post good photos and video, mine are terrible.

I really, really LOVED the show, of course it was so much darker and grittier than the BOJ (which I loved, too!).

Some of the songs in the set were from his earlier solo stuff that I had heard before, but not like this!

I never really liked Mighty Rearranger's, "Tin Pan Valley", to me it was too monotone....granted, I never heard it live until the other night.

The version he did in Clarksdale was so powerful and current, I LOVED it!

I just found his voice so good and the vibe of the entire set was like some spooky, psychedelic, hard-driving rhapsody!

I can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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