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Baton Rouge, LA-LSU Assembly Center- May 19, 1977

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This was the 2nd show of the 2nd leg of the US 1977 tour. No audio has surfaced of this show although it has been reported that a certain Mr. Freeze( who recently passed away R.I .P.) taped this show and it has never been circulated. There is about a 14 min video though and you can tell from the very animated Jimmy Page that is is probably a very good show. The sound is synched up using Ft. Worth 5-22-77. I am sure the Houston 5-21-77 show would have worked to.

Video footage: Baton Rouge footage synched with sound from Ft. Worth, TX 5-22-77


I am pretty sure this is The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same



Nobody's Fault but Mine


In My Time of Dying


In My Time of Dying


In My Time of Dying


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This can only be 'Since I've Been Loving You'-'No Quarter'*last part*- or maybe another version of 'It'll be Me') When I first saw this pic, I thought it was 'Trampled Underfoot'-but JPJ's is not playing the Clavinet-it also throws it off for SIBLY and NQ-because Jimmy is running-so who knows.


No Quarter- Lasers on roof.


No Quarter- Lasers on roof


The Battle of Evermore


The Battle of Evermore




Guitar solo


Violin Bow solo


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David, thanks for posting these pictures! Anything from New Orleans is special to me. In the New Orleans thread (Ramble On section) I posted one of the few videos that exist (so far) from this concert. I sure hope this show surfaces one day (if anyone has recorded it) along with their first trip to New Orleans on August 29th 1971 (Municipal Auditorium)

I know a handful of people who went to this show. One guy in particular told me that during "Moby Dick" the stage/drum riser propelled up/outward and spun every few seconds to make a complete turn. He was close to the stage and said at one point (in the solo) he was standing underneath the drums. They must have stretched out past the stage.

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Thanks! I have a bootleg t-shirt from this show. I would have wanted the original, but the person who kindly bought it for me did not know better. I clearly remember him coming home from the concert that night and giving me the t-shirt. What a night that was.

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Are we absolutely certain "Trampled Underfoot" was played at this concert based on those photos?

We have no reason not to believe it was played, and that last photo looks like TUF to me.

Also here's some upgrades of some the pics posted above.


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