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something weird happened to my string !


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Guys, i need help here ... i got my electric guitar a week ago ... it's a LTD M50, which might be cheap in america or the UK but in Egypt here, it's pretty not cheap :) ... So, i'm jamming and suddenly, the Low E string Kinks on it's own at the 5th fret ... which gives me an annoying buzz at that particular fret ... all on it's own ... i tried to level the string by my fingers and the pick ... but i still get a minimal annoying buzz ... i checked the frets, they're all right ....should i do something here ... i'd feel devastated if i had to change strings on the first week .. so Please tell me that i could do something to repair that .... thanks in advance my fellow zeppelin Fans :)

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I could be a number of things. but the least probable is that its got something to do with the string itself.

I think the problem lies with your frets. There is probably one fret that "sticks out" a bit.

Go back to the store and have them do a checkup.

Have them check if the needs straighting, if the bridge is set at the right height, if the nut isn't cut to deep and if the frets are levelled.

All things that can be fixed with a minor amount of work, if you know what you are doing.

hope this helps.

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