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Physical Graffiti - US first pressing?

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When I bought my copy of Physical Graffiti years ago, the seller said that it was a US first pressing.

These are the matrix numbers:

  • Matrix / Runout A: ST-SS-753309-D
  • Matrix / Runout B: ST-SS-753310-D
  • Matrix / Runout C: ST-SS-753311-C
  • Matrix / Runout D: ST-SS-753312-D

Can someone confirm if this is really a US first pressing?

Thank you!

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The numbers seem to match...but not the letters. But since there were a million preorders or more, it's possible multiple pressing plants and matrix letters were used on all first pressings. Also check the cover as no bar code would signify an early pressing.

Here's a couple links to help you:



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I checked the matrix numbers again, I was wrong on Side 3, It's also D instead of C. I added the other markings that are in the deadwax:

ST-SS-753309-D AT F.T. PR SP (the PR and SP are upside down, on all sides.)

ST-SS-753310-D AT F.T. PR SP

ST-SS-753311-D AT F.T. PR SP

ST-SS-753312-D AT SD PR SP (the SD is hard to read, but if I have to take a guess, I'd say SD)

No barcode.

I'm thinking it is a first press, but like you said, multiple pressing plants, multiple matrix numbers,...

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