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Led Zeppelin fans show us one of your original musical pieces here!


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Led Zeppelin has been a huge musical influence in my life. I saw them live as a young teen. Like Jimmy Page I love the blues & I love rock.

Here's my newest music video, it's an original called "It'$ All ABout Money" dedicated to the 99%.

Go to www.deborahmagone.com to hear more blues rock some with noticeable Zeppelin influences. THanks !

On Nov. 27, 2011 A group of extremely creative, talented & professional artists came together in Rochester, NY to make music video her/history. "It's All About Money " is an original song written by Deborah Magone from her cd "Alternate Realities" (Mirror Records/ House of Guitars) that speaks to the 99% , the unfettered corporate greed, the loss of innocent lives, & American sense of humanity.

Directed by Neal Dhand (Second Story Man) Produced by Rick Staropoli (Granville House Media LLC)

David Sauvage (Occupy Wall St NYC)

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