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Winter in the Blood soundtrack to feature Robert Plant song


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The soundtrack to the upcoming film, Winter in the Blood, may include a Robert Plant song, according to a handful of radio and news reports.

Below is a transcription from an interview with the Cincinnati / Austin based band, Heartless Bastards, which aired on Missoula's 103,3 FM earlier this month:

Dave Cowan: Can you confirm, or deny … that Robert Plant had a little hand in some of this, or at least showed up, or was going to do a song on the soundtrack?

Erika Wennerstrom: I'm pretty sure that he's doing a song on the soundtrack.

Dave Colvin: I did hear a rumour that he was going to donate some of his skills.

Dave Cowan: Did you run into Robert around town in Austin?

Erika Wennerstrom: I have, several times actually.

Dave Colvin: Me too, he's a surprisingly down to earth fellow

Winter in the Blood is a film based on the novel by James Welch and was directed by brothers Alex and Andrew Smith. The movie is to be released later in the year.

The soundtrack is being produced by Chris Funk of The Decemberists.

To listen to the podcast interview with the Heartless Bastards, follow this link: http://trail1033.pod...the-trail-1033/

There was also a recent story on NBC San Diego -which also mentions Plant: http://www.nbcsandie...-166254766.html

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A partial list of participating artists was unveiled today.

The Heartless Bastards

Robert Plant

Sonny & the Sunsets

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

Cass McCombs, Black Prairie

Cowboy and Indian

Mission Mountain Wood Band

Amy Cook

Them Savages

Youth & Valor!

No details on the track names yet, although the Amy Cook song is apparently called "Airplane Driver".


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Watch: Exclusive Clip from LA Film Fest Drama 'Winter In The Blood,' With Music By Robert Plant
JUNE 11, 2013 11:25 AM
"In this clip, our protagonist Virgil First Raise, played by Chaske Spencer, and his estranged wife Agnes (Julia Jones, both actors have paid their dues in the "Twilight" franchise), share an intimate moment marred by a sense of surreality, blending present time and memory within Virgil's alcohol-wracked mind. To top it off, the clip is set to a Robert Plant cover of the song "Nothing Takes the Place of You," a minor 1960s hit written by New Orleans musician Toussaint McCall. Plant recorded this cover exclusively for the film, and it captures the bluesy and bittersweet tone of this moment".
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I wish I had been paying attention to this thread earlier...



Fuck...I missed it. The premiere was Friday night at the LA Film Fest...the same night I was at a Richard Pryor tribute. There are two more screenings at the LA Film Fest...June 19 and 22...but I will be out of town on those days. But here's the info for anyone who is in LA and can make it: http://filmguide.lafilmfest.com/tixSYS/2013/xslguide/eventnote.php?EventNumber=2600

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