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  1. 1. What is the countdown for?

    • Release of O2 show
    • Release of vault material
    • Release of Led Zeppelin V (Shite Answer)
    • A WORLD TOUR (Snowballs chance in hell)

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I agree with Black Dog in that i have a feeling it is something more then the O2 dvd. If it isnt though and it is only the O2 dvd i will not feel let down in the slightest. Its a great feeling to be in a no-lose situation. I am hoping for a similar project like the 03 dvd where there will be multiple concert footage including the O2 gig and all its bells and whistles.

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Maybe it is more, than just the DVD? A Countdown for only a DVD? Maybe a little comeback?

Robert Plant has two albums coming out. I doubt he has time for a Led Zeppelin reunion.

What about a double DVD with the reunion show and the HTWWW show also. That'd be something!

Yes it would...considering that, to my knowledge, no pro-shot footage exists for the HTWWW show.

All evidence points to an O2 DVD release. :)

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i just read an interview with dave grohl that happened months ago, and someone posted about seeing Robert in a pub and asked if he still saw Jimmy and apparently his answer was "more than you think"...also, something with this thing: χυμεία3

can anyone enlighten me?

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