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New York, NY- Madison Square Garden-June 14, 1977

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This was the last night out of six played in New York at Madison Square Garden. It is very good show, just wished the last half was available. I would really like to hear the version of Achilles Last Stand from this show. The show cuts out during Moby Dick, so we don't get to hear the rest of Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, the guitar solo/violin bow solo, Achilles Last Stand, or Stairway to Heaven or the encore of Whole Lotta Love. We do get to hear some of the encore in the video footage of Whole Lotta Love and Rock and Roll (I think that is actual audio from the show).

The highlights of the show are a great Since I've Been Loving You and a great No Quarter. The guitar solo in No Quarter is unreal-Jimmy is playing faster in this version than I think any other version ever-including the Los Angeles 6-21 & 23, 1977 versions. Ten Years Gone and Kashmir are very nice versions as well. In the video footage Jimmy Page is very animated, especially during the Achilles Last Stand footage. One thing that is different about this show and the next one in San Diego- Jimmy is wearing plain white pants(like he did at the beginning of the tour) and not the white Dragon pants. Just curious why he would go back to wearing the plain white ones for these 2 shows.

The one bad thing about this show is some joker threw a M-80 at the stage and it landed by Jimmy's hand right before the encore. So he had to get a bandage put on it, but insisted on playing the encore. You can see a bandage on his right hand at the next show in San Diego 6-19-77. You can also see a bandage on his right hand in the video clip below for Whole Lotta Love and Rock and Roll.

Video footage: The Song Remains the Same and Sick Again

The Song Remains the Same, Nobody's Fault but Mine, Guitar solo, Achilles Last Stand, Moby Dick.

Whole Lotta and Rock and Roll


The Song Remains The Same

Sick Again

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Over the Hills and Far Away

Since I've Been Loving You

No Quarter

Ten Years Gone

The Battle of Evermore

Going to California

Black Country Woman

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


Moby Dick

Heartbreaker (some lists have this on them, some don't)

Guitar solo

Achilles Last Stand

Stairway to Heaven


Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock and Roll


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


The Song Remains the Same


Sick Again


Over the Hills and Far Away


Over the Hills and Far Away


Over the Hills and Far Away


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