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Screenings of Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day!


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At the beginning I wanted to say hello.

I knew this forum for several years, but my English is bad.

I am a fan of Zeppelin, from when my cousin played my guitar Wholle Lotta Love (2008). With Jimmy Page began playing in a band. He is my god;)

Family laughs at me I'm so confused.

I played in several bands "new rock", but I love the old hard rock. I want to start a band.

That in a nutshell about me. I know a lot of Zeppelin. I will try to share my knowledge.

When I saw the message on fb that the concert will be released on o2, I fell off my chair with joy.

I've been waiting for this since October 2008 (when I found out that they played the year before).

Sorry for bad English

Welcome aboard fellow Zeppelin fan.

Dont let language be a barrier to enjoying the site. Jump in and have fun.

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I just bought tickets!! If you are in Texas, look up Studio Movie Grill.

If you are from Houston, it is the one in Town and Country. I am going to the 7 p.m. show. :cheer:

This LZ link has the most comprehensive location listing by Zip Code:


Besisdes the Studio Movie Grill, there will showings at other theaters in the DFW area, including the Rave Theaters.

It's so new that some theaters do have the film listed on their specific website yet. Perhaps by this weekend....

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They have a few of those Dinner/movie places in Chicago, and most of them will serve alcohol, But it wouldn't be a Zeppelin concert if you didn't sneak in through the back with a 6 pack or selling fucking pirate posters in the front. Im definitely going to find the best sounding place.

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Confirmed Screenings for Japan*

Tickets on Sale October 1st*

*SAJ is not responsible for any translation errors

Hokkaido: Cinema Frontier Sapporo: Tohoku Shimoda Oirase TOHO CINEMAS, Akita TOHO CINEMAS, Bandai, Niigata T · Joy , Sendai MOVIX, Morioka Chuo movie theater, Yamagata MOVIE ON Kanto: TOHO CINEMAS Roppongi, Shibuya TOHO CINEMAS, Nishiarai Baltic 9, TOHO CINEMAS Shinjuku, TOHO CINEMAS Fuchu, TOHO CINEMAS Ichikawa Colton Plaza, TOHO Cinemas Kawasaki, Yokohama Burg 13, TOHO Cinemas Ebina, Kamiooka TOHO CINEMAS, Utsunomiya TOHO CINEMAS, Saitama MOVIX, Uchihara Mito TOHO CINEMAS, Isesaki MOVIX, Kofu TOHO CINEMAS : Chubu TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Bay City, Higashiura TOHO CINEMAS, TOHO CINEMAS Hamamatsu, Iwata LaLaport TOHO CINEMAS, Toyama TOHO CINEMAS Fabore Ueda TOHO CINEMAS : Kansai Article Umeda TOHO CINEMAS, Namba TOHO CINEMAS, Feng TOHO CINEMAS, TOHO CINEMAS, OS Nishinomiya TOHO CINEMAS, Kashihara TOHO CINEMAS Chushikoku: Okaminami TOHO CINEMAS, Midorii TOHO CINEMAS, Izumo T · Joy Kyushu: Tenjin TOHO CINEMAS Nagasaki, TOHO CINEMAS, Oita Soda TOHO Cinemas, Paradise Cinema Tenmonkan


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It looks like it's going to play where I live, but we already have concert tickets for Oct. 17. If they add a midnight show I could do both, otherwise I'll just wait for the DVD. I've waited five years already, another month won't hurt. Either way, I'm looking forward to re-living that night.

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