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LED ZEPPELIN - CELEBRATION DAY (official announcement)

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It's interesting with the trailer that they seem to have cropped the image to 2.35:1 ratio - they would have shot HD @ 16:9 and have apparently made the decision to go with a wider image (so in essence losing some of the original image top and bottom of frame to achieve this). They also seem to have utilised audience footage as per the 2003 DVD - the 4:3 grainy shots included look handheld. Anyone out there supply the band with their footage?

I've also noticed that. I just hope the Blu-ray version will be framed in 1.78:1.

The 4:3 grainy footage isn't that of the audience. It was shot with HDCAM at 1440x1080. The concert itself was shot with 17 cameras (8 HD cameras used for the video screen + 2 HD cameras + 2 HD minicams around the drums + 3 film cameras)


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0:45 seconds into the trailer, this looks like footage from the audience. Now, I seriously doubt that an audience member brought in a film camera, so it must be one of pro cameramen with a film camera or some processing trickery.


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For you guys that arent having any luck finding a theater close by, try googling the name of your city along with Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day". That's how I found out it was going to be playing at a Rave theater in Baton Rouge. I tried finding a somewhat close theater (New Orleans, Baton Rouge) through this web site, but it said that it wouldn't be playing anywhere close to my zip code even when I put in a New Orleans or Baton Rouge zip code. When I did my google search, it brought me to an article from a B.R. Newspaper about the upcoming show and how to buy tickets.

Hope this helps, it's worth a try.

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Did anyone notice in the trailer, during the first few seconds, in the GTBT intro in which "The Most Demanded Ticket in Music History" is displayed, that the caption below it reads "Guinness Book of Records?" Just thought, I'd point that out.

Looking forward to seeing more footage from the movie, before it hits theaters, which is pretty much a given as the band will be promoting the film via the media. Also, the various cable news outlets, entertainment and music channels. local channels will be promoting this film and doing reviews of the film, so doing so effectively, more footage will most likely be supplied to these venues.

Well, that's how I see it. The clips should be longer with not just a few seconds of WLL or Kashmir. Perhaps, we'll see other songs not included in the trailer? Let's hope!

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Release details revealed by Warner Music



Points of interest

  • Full Shepperton Rehearsals footage
  • Bluray audio-only release
  • 3lp 180 gram vinyl release December 10th

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New footage of Black Dog. It's the same clip as what we've seen before, except with new angles and NO feedback. I love the way this thing is shot and edited so far; no super fast cuts or crazy shaky-cam. Also, the aspect ratio is the standard 1:78:1.

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Most if not all concert DVD's are shot with the 1:78:1 ratio. The only concert DVD's I have that are not are the ones that are not anamorphic. Rush Live in Rio is an example. What I haven't heard here is if there will be an angle option on the Blu Ray, DVD. That would be interesting.


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Everything hasn't panned out yet for sales and listing of the movie showing.

The LZ.com Cinema Listings (just the list of cinema chains) does not yet list the Cinemark chain. http://www.ledzeppel...2_listings.html

But, the LZ.com splash page with the "Cinema" button, where you search by Postal Code, lists the showing at the Dallas Cinemark 17. http://www.ledzeppel.../o2_splash.html

But the Cinemark 17 website does not yet list the movie in their Coming Attractions, where they do list other "one-night" showings... http://www.cinemark....px?node_id=1506

So, things are still in flux, and the movie may be coming to a theater near you, that's not even yet listed....

Patience ? ? ? ? ?

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BTY, I was just thinking, that because LZ is releasing this film to theaters, that, the film could be available, later on, for other showings from time to time, ie Midnight Movie showings....

And that would be Cool !

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Here in Lafayette we have Grand Theatres. Out of curiosity, I checked the Grands website for their upcoming movies and Celebration Day IS listed, but Grand theatres are not listed here as a theatre carrying the movie. What's up with that?

I already purchased tickets for the theater in Baton Rouge (Rave) that is carrying it, but it would be awesome if I didn't have to drive over an hour and could catch it like 10 min. away!

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