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^ WOW. Thanks Sam - some great 1977 shots!

WOW x 2...... Thanks to Sam for posting some fantastic color'77 shots...yet another few photos I never seen before of Jimmy!!

and AEN, that photos of Jimmy with Cricket Bat that is most close up one I ever seen, I recall the other alternative photo,similar, Jimmy also has in his Official Autobio...I remember to date this famous photo when it was first published in 1979, the high school years coming to close, although the new punk movement was on the rise, Jimmy remained still a very Popular Rock Star, the early 80's it was now indeed a new era...this is how I remember the atmosphere around this photo...

and I feel like to print these stories and have a little collection, a free loader, so to speak... ;) so thanks all....

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To echo the sentiments...THANK YOU!

I've truly enjoyed reading through these gems (and I swear there are times you feel you're actually there with them).

Makes you almost envy the journalists who got to hang around the boys during the tours, doesn't it?

Thanks again for sharing these!

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Hi there - Sally Hayward from California used to write a fanzine about Zeppelin called "The Rover". There's a photo of her and Robert ( in a "Little Acre" t-shirt) floating around the net, usually wrongly-labelled as being him and his cousin, it was taken when she and her family visited him at Jennings Farm ( they had an intro via one of Maureen's sisters who worked with Sally's Mum IIRC). Sally is a talented artist and often drew portraits of the band - she left some with Jimmy's housekeeper on a visit to the UK one time when she tried to call on him but he was out - when she returned to collect them again she was also given this note. She published it in one of her fanzines so it was already in the public domain, so you don't need to worry about any confidentialities ;):)

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Thank you for sharing this, Knebby! The note and the story behind is so interesting, (especially since I draw myself and have drawn Jimmy. I love his clothes and I am used to figuring out the colors of clothes as I have drawn classic stars from black and white pictures) Thank you. I also love Jimmy's writing too. :)

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The Gazette (Montreal) (September 18, 1980)


The Gazette (Montreal) (September 22, 1980)


The Gazette (Montreal) (September 23, 1980)


The Gazette (Montreal) (September 24, 1980)


The Gazette (Montreal) (September 26, 1980)


The Gazette (Montreal) (September 27, 1980)

Scans courtesy of thozil via Steve A. Jones Archive

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Here is the Cash Box Magazine review of the October 17, 1969 Led Zeppelin Carnegie Hall concert written by Bruce Harris ("b.h."):



For more detail on this fantastic concert and a lot of other Led Zeppelin history, link to the forum page devoted to that topic shown below:


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