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Plant's surprise gig in Monmouth, July 2011


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For some reason I stumbled into this BBC article of July last year. It's about a small charity gig that Robert Plant played for 200 persons in the town of Monmouth, Wales.

I searched the forum and found no thread(s) for this event. I thought it was interesting that Plant would perform in such an unassuming location, but at the same time it was important because the event's goal was to raise awareness of the Pick's Disease.

It was a small event of human dimensions where people even approached Plant for a chat.

Here are some excerpts from the BBC:

"The former Led Zeppelin frontman joined two bands at a charity show in Monmouth to a crowd of invited guests.

The event was a tribute to his friend, Pat Moran, a former Plant co-producer, who died of a rare dementia in January.

(...) Mr Moran, 63, who worked as an engineer on Plant's first solo album, and engineered and co-produced his second at the nearby Rockfield studios in Monmouthshire, died of Pick's Disease in January and the event was a fundraiser in his memory.

Scratch band

Organiser, Mr Moran's brother Brian said: "It was very kind of Mr Plant to join in - Pat would have been very proud.

"Mr Plant was even kind enough to sign a T-shirt which will be auctioned on eBay this week."

The event has so far raised £1,500 for the Pick's Disease Support Group, with more expected from the eBay sale.

Also performing were two bands - Welsh band Hobo - and a scratch band made up of musicians associated with Mr Moran and Rockfield Studios, who played under the name of the Rockfield Allstars.

They included Verden Allen, (ex-Mott the Hoople), Dave Edmunds, (Rockpile), Ray Martinez (Spring, Gypsy), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders), Neville Farmer (BBC producer), Paul Martinez (various bands), Dave Charles (producer and various bands), Steve Mcinnery and singer Amanda Ward of Rockfield Studios".


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