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Going To California....my cover

Rock Action

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Nice! I like it! Very subtle guitar and you go from chords to picking, that's cool!

The voice is gentle and passionate!

And yeah, it's always a blapshemy, only Zeppelin can do it right, even if perhaps someone might get quite close techincally, it's never as good!

Oh and just by the way, I can see you are not new here, but if you started a topic about your Zeppelin covers, be damn sure you don't

start it the wrong way!

It will haunt you forever and this is right from the horses mouth! Hiiiiiiiiiiya! And I never even meant anything bad, but it ended up as one shitty discussion!

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^ :D Nice to see you again Rock Action and I do like your spin, I could almost picture you & Robert doing a call & response duet on this song. Are they showing the film in Bend or Portland or are you coming to Seattle for it?
Thanks for the kind words! And I suspect I'll have to do the Seattle Shuffle to see the film onscreen. It would be well worth it!
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