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Well it looked dicey there for awhile. But the Hammer of the Gods have smiled upon me and blessed L.A. with another day of screenings: October 18. So now I will be able to see this rock and roll eargasm in the theatre after all!


WHERE: AMC Universal Citywalk 19 Theatres...Universal City, Los Angeles.

WHEN: 7:30pm. Thursday, ROCKtober 18, 2012

PRICE: $36 cash for 2 tickets...$18 each.

TIME/PLACE OF PURCHASE: 2:38pm. Thursday, October 11...Box office of Universal Citywalk 19.

DISTANCE/TIME: 10 minutes via subway.

GUEST ATTENDING: Date to be determined...possibly my friend Amy or my godson.



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I am out of breath right now. If I could figure out where the fuck my emoticons went I would use them!

Just me, in the theatre on the evening of October 17th @ Showcase Cinemas right down 146 near the Big Woo..

I cannot believe they are showing this far out of Beantown.

There is a god.


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When: Oct 17, 7:15 pm

Where: Empire Extra Theater, Dieppe NB about a 10 minute drive.

With Whom: My daughter, mother, brother and niece...more to come since I bought 8 tickets.

How much: $14.95 per ticket

Anticipation: off the chart!

I have been seriously distracted for the past 2 months (actually it's been since March), I was out with my niece when she tells me about the announcement for our city. A great "pick me up"! I was even wearing one of my Zep t-shirts at the time. We headed for my sisters house for a family gathering and immediately went online to order.

My brother, from Toronto, changed his flight home just to join us. He was our families first official Zep fan many years ago.

It's in our newest, largest, biggest screen, best seat, best sound system theater. I've been told the best in eastern Canada.



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AMC Theatre in Elmwood is now offering a showing at 7:30pm on 10/17 in the New Orleans area!


We have a small group going, but one guy cannot make it - I have an extra ticket for the movie in Elmwood/Harahan for tomorrow if you want to buy it....If you are even going. lemme know-thanks!

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Going tomorrow and Thursday.

Where: Palace Theater, Harahan, Louisiana (5 minutes from New Orleans)

Paid: $15.00 per ticket (well worth it!)

Drive: 15 minutes

Anticipation level: Cannot wait! Counting the hours!

Thanks to: The boys, their families, Ahmet, Peter, Richard Cole, and all the engineers roadies who made it happen all those years!

Guests attending: Robert? Jimmy? John Paul? They have always loved New Orleans!

Thinking about: John and Ahmet

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I got my tickets a day or so after the cinema screening of the concert was announced. I wasn't visiting this forum at the time, and a good friend of mine here informed me about it via email. A big thank you to him. :) I immediately went online not expecting my small town cinema to be showing the film, but to my astonishment they were and I booked two tickets strainght away. I paid £10 for each which is only slighlty more expensive than a regular cinema ticket here.

I'm going to see the film tonight at 8pm at the VUE in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire - about 6 minutes away by car.

I'll be taking my partner along who has nevered properly listened to much Zeppelin at all, so he doesn't know what a treat he's in for!

My anticipation level: out of this world!

I accept this is proabaly the last we'll see the band play together, and I'm going to savour every wonderful second.

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We have a small group going, but one guy cannot make it - I have an extra ticket for the movie in Elmwood/Harahan for tomorrow if you want to buy it....If you are even going. lemme know-thanks!

Thanks so much RH, but we are good to go. :)

I was originally going to BR but when AMC opened up ...I bought tickets for Elmwood!

At first the theatre in BR told me I would have to appear in person to get a refund, but thanks to a nice girl in their office I was able to get a full refund without making the 3 hr drive!

Like everyone else here, tonight can't come soon enough.... And I didn't explain to anyone why I need a 1/2 day at work...I don't think there are many Zep fans in my office. :D

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Just got home from seeing the movie in Brisbane .

Absolutely awesome.

Can't wait for the dvd to see it at home regularly.

The sound was great. Makes the bootlegs look pretty tame.

Jason's drumming was reminiscant of his dad. No one else could have taken his place

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Just got a call from my brother. He's a teacher, so he's just finished work. I work from home, so I had a half day and I've got another tomorrow

...I'm on my way NOW!

We're smuggling in a couple of hipflasks full of Jim Beam (Black label) to go with the over-priced Coca Colas, so I might not remember much of the next 24 hours

Have a good time everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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