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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

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Cuban food tonight with my SIL and BIL from Australia.  The same thing I always get there...it's mentioned a few times up the thread.



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Went to District Commons for dinner.  My SIL and BIL from Australia are here and they saw Hamilton - finally!

Had an asparagus and leek bisque to start.  Then had a pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, peas, mushrooms and ricotta.  It was fab!  Dessert was peanut butter/dark chocolate ice cream sundae.  And, we had a couple bottles of lovely rose.

They're going home Wednesday.  I'll miss them!

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Making green peppercorn pork tenderloin with roasted asparagus and mashed carrots. 

For now it’s just the vomit left in my throat after the DHS press conference. Sick.

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BBQ to celebrate our outstanding achievement getting to The World Cup Semi

Lamb cutlets

lamb Kebabs

Chicken Piri Piri

A selection of sausage

Beers wines and joints aplenty.

And it's super hot outside. Could be a rough day on the golf course tomorrow 


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A friend called this "a toddler size piece in meat". a 17 lb. brisket, only $3.19 at the local business Costco.  It was so well trimmed that I had hardly any prep time, just loaded it with salt and pepper.



Here's the secret of keeping the right temp with a wood fire...DSCF6201.thumb.JPG.851d10ebd92b4ae1577d8e7f7dcc920d.JPG


Only 7hr. cook at 275-285F...


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