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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?


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Just now I had a few Black plums.  Black Plum/Java Plum/Malabar Plum  is very good for health. Its seed is used to treat patients with high blood sugar. It tastes extremely good. When you have it, it feels as if the inside of your mouth is eroding.  That's just awesome! 


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I am slowly tip-toeing back into the world. Once a week I try to visit an old haunt...if they are still open. This morning, I went to House of Pies for the first time in almost two years.
When you live and eat in this town as long as I have, you cultivate certain 'go-to' items at each of your favourite establishments. The things on the menu that you know are good and can't miss every time.
At the Original Pantry, whether it is morning or night, I always make sure to get the coleslaw and thick crusty sourdough toast with my meal.
At Langer's deli it is always the #19…ALWAYS!
At Brent's deli it is the split-pea soup, knishes, or cheesecake.
At Nick's it is the spectacular ham or the jalapeno bacon 'n' eggs.
At Monte Alban's it is the Tlayuda and the best mole negro in town.
At El Cholo's it is the green corn enchiladas when in season.
At Figaro Bistrot it is the poached eggs over asparagus, French onion soup, or the macarons.
At Musso & Frank it is the flannel cakes or rib eye steak and Sonny's martini or whiskey sours.
At the House of Pies, it is the cinammon bread pudding French toast. I have been craving some for a while now and it felt so good to have that craving sated.
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