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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

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Mrs CP is making her all time classic Paella this evening to bring a little Spanish to the dreary weather outside. I have a varied choice of Riojas to go with it and no doubt I'll get my fingers nimble at some point.

Scored a box set Eddie Izzard over the festive period so no doubt I will go to bed smiling - one way or another :D

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The Mrs and pups just dropped off chic fila. I have become addicted to there shakes but I can't seem to figure out why I've pick up a stone this past week. New Year's resolution -- put the weight room back together, post summer flood and use it. I am starting to metamorph into a white fluffy Commercial character.

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WTF are you on about this time, O Great Inscrutable One??

There was no parsley in my soup or my pie. I never use parsley. Parsley sucks.

I think he's talking about that photo he posted above.

KB, that may be parsley in your photo BUT basil is the traditional way of making tomato soup/bisque.

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Actually Strider I usually make mine without basil, but I added some this time in the hope that I might be able to taste something (I have a very bad cold).

It didn't work the 1st day, but the next day I could taste the basil, but not the tomato. However, my son said it was wonderful. Yeah, nice to know that.

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Going country-style tonight.

Loaded potato (butter, sharp cheddar, bacon and sour cream),

black-eyed peas with Jiffy cornbread crumbled in, topped with plenty of Texas Pete.

It's the deep south, y'all!


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