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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

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If planted hasn't already posted the recipe(she's been ill, the poor dear), I'll shoot you a PM after work.

Thanks; she actually did post it on the recipe thread but much appreciated!

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I watched it once in my drama class & it's a little 'yuck' for me. It's weird. I'm a classy girl. I don't like that Transylvania shit.

Excuse my language.

Well, there's the problem right there..."Rocky Horror" is best viewed with audience participation. It's not meant to be seen in class or at home on DVD. It's one of the classic original "Midnight Movie" phenomenons.

If you ever get out to L.A., you have a standing invitation to attend the midnight showing at the Nuart Theatre with me.

BTW, your language is fine.

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Meatloaf sucks

My brother scored Meatloaf's Hell in a Hand Basket CD Sunday from a radio contest. My nephew had no idea who Meatloaf was. I had to explain the whole Eddie thing. How could they get so far in life with out knowing common culture facts? Heck Jethro Bodin knew more in the eighth grade. I blame my brother for not explaining the whole Scooter Rizzuto play by play Paradise by the Dashboard to his kids.

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Mrs. Dawg is roasting up some sweet Italian sausage, and preparing her homemade sauce to smother penne. I think she forgot about the whole 'Hey I have to get back in shape for lacrosse' speech. Oh what the heck schedules don't come out for another 2 weeks.

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