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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?


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Only $10.95 at the Thai restaurant.

You're right...and Froot Loops, too. I think it was Rick who suggested Paul change his avatar to a froot loop. :D

For other reasons. Good price on the Duck. I would want it served hot. Some serve it cold. If you buy Peking Duck in a chinese restaurant its usually about $18 min.

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Oh yeah, our Mr. White is a paragon of virtue...doesn't own a tv, eats nothing but blackberries and water, leaves a small carbon footprint.

And yet, Paul Carruthers with his diet of Burger King, Popeye's chicken and sodas will probably still outlast him. ;)

Roast duck salad for lunch today...and green tea.

I own a telly, only it’s unplugged and sitting in the box it came in somewhere in the basement. I find with the “Internets” as W called it, I don’t really have a need for the telly anymore.

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first day of Mardi Gras

...made classic jambalaya in a 6 qt cast iron pot. Used 2 lbs of andouille sausage. Ground sasafras leaves... oh my.

I fixin to have me some Fried Chicken and Turnip Greens. Plus I am do to make the King Cake for my coworkers this year. I got the pink baby doll last year. My god -daughter's not gonna let me off the hook for that one considering she's a N'Orleans native. I'll bring that in on Friday to start off the super weekend. Purple icing will do.

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