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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

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Friends over for dinner this evening and I have prepared:

Cardamom chicken skewers. Choice of peanut sauce or sweet chilli

Lamb Tagine. My take on this classic. I don't add fruit but put sweet potatoes in

They are bringing a dessert, so not sure.

Selection of cheeses

Red Rioja - Gustalas. Oh boy, a majestic rouge from a top Bodega

French White. Not sure what as Mrs CP has dipped into her purse

I have a choice of 4 greenery to make the evening a hilarious one.

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Slobby dinner this evening as we have played golf and are completely Donald ducked. Southern fried chicken and fries. Wine and some 'erbs

This begs the question "Southern fried" how? Southern India? Southern England? Southern U.S.?

eating some very salty popcorn at the moment.... :popcorn2:

Good to know you're getting your sodium requirement. :D

Had some french toast and coffee for breakfast.

Come on, man...us french toast fanatics need details! What kind of bread, thin or thick slices, what's your dipping mixture, toppings???? Questions, questions, questions. Hahaha.

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Oh yeah...I forgot to say what I had for dinner.

Cochinita pibil: Pork, slowly roasted in a Banana leaf with chile habanero and pickled red onions. Served with black beans, rice, fried plantains, nopalitos. Bottle of Red Stripe beer.

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"Southern" bit like KFC. Tasty it was too.

Roast Chicken Dinner tonight:

Roast Pots

Roast Parsnips


Bread Sauce

A glass of White Burgundy.

What is Bread Sauce?

Had pancakes this morning since my husband only has an evening show tonight. Two more weeks, then back to a normal schedule...yay!

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This is going to sound boring and dull...but for lunch, I just had a simple bowl of steamed rice. Nothing else but a few dashes of freshly ground sea salt and lemon pepper. Not even any butter. Just perfectly steamed al dente (not too mushy, not too stiff) jasmine rice. To hold a nice warm bowl of rice in your hands, as you take in the aromas of the soil in which it was grown and savour the earthiness and goodness, bite by bite, as you convey the lovely Zeppelin-shaped grains to your mouth by chopsticks, and one can understand why this starch is more widely used in world cuisines than pasta or potatoes.

Along with the rice, a kettle of hot jasmine green tea was brewed. Two lumps and a slice of lemon, please.

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