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BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?


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That will be Striders dinner. It's the time difference Joe

Correctomundo! Thanks chillumpuffer for explaining to Joe the wonders of the Earth's rotation. Joe, I am 8 hours behind you Liverpudlians.

Plus, it was about a couple hours after I ate that I finally posted that info...so subtract around 10 hours from the time of post.

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Garden salad with red onion, mushrooms, tomato plums, carrots, and yellow apple slices along with a 2 bottles of water. (I'm sitting in a hotel room, so my really tall glass is home Strider)

To hell with the tall glass...given the fact you're in a hotel I am concerned about the quality of fruit and vegetables that hotel is providing you.

The state of produce at some hotels is dismal.

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