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Page, Plant, & Jones Press Conference: Friday, September 21

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'the film itself is simply an enthralling record of the concert, with no documentary footage before during or after but lots of intimate onstage close-ups.'



Pfft. I think that's great. Pure Led Zeppelin awesomeness for ~2hours.

No need for anything else. That's for the bonus disc :P

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That's exactly what I was looking forward to.

Same, some of the best concert films of all time have some backstage footage included in the main feature. I'm hoping that there will be some candid footage on the bonus DVD, but the press release just lists Shepperton footage and BBC content :(

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The radio station Absolute Radio just posted an album of press conference pics on Facebook, and commented that the full video is coming soon to their website. Not long to wait hopefully!

Throughout the conference they had the best coverage, I was really impressed

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"Plant responded to a question about whether there were many overdubs on the film by describing it as "a fucking cheek", before admitting the vocals at the end of Kashmir had to be edited "because I was running out of steam". Page said overdubs had been kept to a minimum."

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Interesting press conference. The guys look good and they seem happy. Cant wait to see the show and get the DVD/CD.

I dont see any more one offs though (I didnt get a good vibe between JPJ and Plant IMO), but who knows.

As far as Jason Bonhams MIA I think Plant said (When disscussing JB) "I dont know where he is".

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The distance between their chairs was one thing (might not mean much), but overall, I thought the rapport between them was good.

The answers were interesting (gotta love Robert's cheekiness) and I just couldn't stop smiling through it all.

P.S; Thought at least one reporter would bring up the Kennedy honors thing, but guess not. -_-

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