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My Songs.


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Hello everyone!

I play the guitar for about 8 years and I make some "music".

Take a look at my PROJECTS of songs and also check my fanpage on facebook, where you can find The Rain Song cover (recorded by me). (if you don't mind, click "like" button):

and... check this:


I hope you'll enjoy it :D :D

BIG Led Zep's fan,


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Why do people do this? This is a Led Zeppelin website. You have gone to great lengths to publicise your "music". How come you haven't mentioned Led Zeppelin yet?Are you here for your own gains or are you here to discuss Led Zeppelin topics.

Hey Joe...Ramble On (where we are now) is where posters can post what ever they want...within the forum rules of course...Get a grip of yourself. Stop being a bully.
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