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Led Zeppelin To Release Reunion Show DVD?

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Led Zeppelin To Release Reunion Show DVD?

Speculation is rife...

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by Daniel Melia on 13/12/2007 Speculation is rising that a DVD of the Led Zeppelin reunion gig will be released in the new year after all footage of the show was removed from the internet.

Several clips that appeared on Youtube have been deleted from the site at the request of Led Zeppelin’s label Warner Music Group.

According to Billboard the copyright to the footage is owned by the band themselves and that WMG were acting on orders from the band’s management.

Speculation remains rife that Led Zeppelin may get out of bed later today. ”Let’s hope so,” said one music editor who wished to to remain anonymous, ”Otherwise we’ll have nothing to write about today. Then again, I might be able to spin that non-story into an event.”


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