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October 1, 2012

Join John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant at London’s Hammersmith Apollo for a special premiere screening of Celebration Day on October 12th 2012. Very limited number of tickets available here: http://bit.ly/QEiIJR

The film of Celebration Day will see a worldwide theatrical release on 1,500 screens in over 40 territories on October 17. Celebration Day will then be available in multiple video and audio formats on November 19 from Swan Song/Atlantic Records.



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I must admit I'm slightly pissed off for not being able to attend^^ All 3 of them in one theatre..absolutely legendary..I hope some camera footage of the premiere will surface so we can all join in the celebration..

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OK, so I'm lined up for three movie house visits this month:

  • Premiere on 12th at Hammersmith
  • Greenwich Picturehouse on the 18th
  • Westfield Vue with the TBL crew on the 21st

Guess I'll have to cancel my original date on the 17th at the O2, as I'm now going to a Q&A with Pete Townshend instead.

Shame...seeing it at the O2 a few hundred metres from where they actually performed the gig in the first place would have been pretty cool!

Seeing it at Hammersmith with Page, Plant and Jones in the audience is much cooler though.

sometimes living in shithole london, has its perks!

Totally agree that living in London has its perks.

Totally disagree that London's a shithole.

Sure, it's far from perfect, and I could list a lot of things I don't like about it...but I've been to quite a few cities over the years: New York, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, Brussels, Bangkok, Cairo. All great, but all have their problems too.

London's got everything you want to the max (especially this year)....unless you want peace and quiet, in which case move to the sticks!

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each to their own, after 31 years of dirt, pollution, extortion and all the other problems,i guess its time i moved to the sticks then

Like the hermit on the cover of Led Zeppelin IV, then? Move to the Four Sticks! :D

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Were there Circle tickets available earlier in the day, or they have not released them yet?

They are selling them now, maybe they are doing this in stages or something?

I suppose they have their reasons....

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