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Frankfurt, Germany-Festhalle- June 30, 1980


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This was the tenth show of the 1980 European tour. It is another one of the best of shows from this tour just like the previous nights show in Zurich. But the song that had problems in Zurich (Kashmir) is a superb version here in Frankfurt. It is one of the best ever versions, and the drum fills at the end of it are some of the best Bonzo ever played.

The version of Achilles Last Stand is also very good. This was one of the first shows I got along with Rotterdam on cassette back in the summer of 1986-both audience versions. Then I got the SBD version on vinyl.

The audience is so loud that during White Summer/Black Mountainside-Jimmy Page has to stop playing and get on the microphone to ask the crowd to be a little more quiet as he can't hear himself play. This same thing happened at the Brussels show on June 20th.

This concert is also special as it has a third song during the encores with a special guest playing bass. They play a great version of 'Money' with Phil Carson- (an Atlantic Records liaison) on bass and John Paul Jones plays piano. Normally they only play two encores but they play 'Money' in the second position and 'Whole Lotta Love' last with 'Rock and Roll' as the first encore making it three songs that night.


Train Kept a Rollin'

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Black Dog

In The Evening

The Rain Song

Hot Dog

All My Love

Trampled Underfoot

Since I've Been Loving You

Achilles Last Stand

White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


Stairway to Heaven


Rock and Roll

Money-with Phil Carson on bass.

Whole Lotta Love (incl. Let That Boy Boogie, Frankfurt Special).

Train Kept a Rollin'


Train Kept a Rollin'


Train Kept a Rollin' or Nobody's Fault but Mine


Train Kept a Rollin' or Nobody's Fault but Mine


Nobody's Fault but Mine


Nobody's Fault but Mine


Good Evening. GOOD EVENING one and all! Yes, well it's good to see ya. And it's good to be seen. So, maybe I've seen you before, haven't I, Yeah. Right. Sorry about the strip just now, but, um, but it's probably as hot up here as it is down there. Uh, next number, it's an old one, so old I hope I can remember it. It's called Black Dog.



In the Evening


In the Evening


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