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Ok, next on my wish list of Jimmy Page releases


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I want Jimmy Page to record a single with Puff Daddy for a Hollywood action movie. Doubt it'll happen though :(

LOL -that was good!

Most atrocious use ever of the most bad-ass riff ever - but since he did it for his son (at least according to his interview on NPR), I can tolerate it!

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A kind of documentary/show with a great amount of minutes of Jimmy playing acoustic guitar

Keep dreamin'

It Might Get Loud took care of that. I too dream of a new album and for him to write his story himself or let Scarlet do it. The other re-issues would be wonderful too as well as a 'real' soundtrack for Degree of Murder.

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The Firm DVD/Blu-Ray

Outrider tour DVD/Blu-Ray

Coverdale/Page DVD/Blu-Ray

Page/Black Crowes DVD/Blu-Ray

Jimmy Page, get to work now.

None of them will ever get a Blu-ray release. All of the aforementioned concerts were videotaped.


RAH 09/01/70 -- Blu-ray

Raw MSG footage (27-28-29/07/73) -- Blu-ray/DVD

Earls Court 24/05/75 + 25/05/75 (full show) -- DVD

Knebworth 04/08/79 + 11/08/79 (full show) -- DVD

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Only after we've had Jimmy Page New Album 2013 ... :rolleyes:

If he wants to tour playing stuff from Zeppelin, Firm, Coverdale/Page, Outrider, etc with no new tunes I'm totally okay with that.

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