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Robert in conversation with Brian Johnson


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Robert Plant has a great sense of humor. Every time I hear an interview with him I laugh a few times...Real funny guy in a clever way. I thought one of the highlights of the interview was (half way through) when some kind of cartoon or children's type music was playing and Brian asked him if he knew who that was...Robert said it sounded like a Pink Floyd rehearsal....!!! :hysterical: Brilliant.

The song was called "The Laughing Policeman" Edited by Cecil.
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Hiya Cofa! Many thanks for the info! :D

Also, a big thank you to Beckenbauer for sharing that link! : :yourock:

I have just finished listening in to Brian's show and I really enjoyed that interview with Robert so much! The best part for me was the fact that Brian kept playing songs which influenced Robert from the time he was little (yes! including that awfully cute song about "The Laughing Policeman" :lol:) It was simply wonderful listening to songs from a variety of genres ranging from rockabilly, the Blues to Opera! :) Robert is one classy gentleman with such eclectic tastes in music. I agree with Brian a 100% when he called Robert, one of the greatest musical historians! Spot on mate! :)

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Are you using iplayer?

Problem solved.

I love Robert Plant when he talks to other musicians. Not that he's not good with non-musicians...his interviews with Terry Gross and Chuck Klosterman are good reads...but he seems more loosey-goosey and free-wheeling when he's with a fellow musician.

Sex Pistol Steve Jones used to do a radio show out here in LA on Indie 103.1 FM. It was called Jonesy's Jukebox and one year he had Robert Plant on the show. It was when Plant was in town for his concerts at the Greek Theatre(I can't remember if it was the Mighty Rearranger Tour or Raising Sand). Don't know if the show has been archived anywhere; Indie 103.1 went off the air quite a while ago.

Hopefully it's somewhere on the internet, as it's a blast to listen to...Steve and Robert have a lot of fun.

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17 hours ago, The Rover said:

The is an excellent video of Brian Johnson interviewing Robert in Wales



Wow, well worth the time, thanks for posting!  The ending was really nice..👍

Now can we have Angus interviewing Jimmy at Loch Ness? 😆

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On 10/5/2012 at 7:59 AM, ZepRex said:

This is a wonderful broadcast..I don't care what anybody says: he's one lovable bloke, great sense of humour and everso open..The way he talks about Zeppelin and his life before and after, the stories he has to tell the world. I know why I adore and appreciate this man the way I do :wub: . Has anyone had the foresight to either record this or can tell me where to get it from? I'd love to listen to it again...and again.and again..


Robert Plant, continue to go your own way mate. You rock!!! :kiss:

I just watched it the other day on utoob ... whoops though it doesnt seem to be there anymore ... what a series want to watch them all

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