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If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

Charles J. White

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Well dont wish or want to start a band, DO IT lol.

I play in a kickarse drum & bass duo using a silver sparkle Ludwig kit with Zildjians and my fireglo 4003 Rickenbacker..

We specialise in heavy riffs with a whole lotta Zep tunes

We are...


Just for fun but we do hit it hard.

I've only ever done studio axe work, (acoustic is another story), but I'm looking forward to pre recording the bass so I can cut loose on 6 string live.

T-Bone Baker on drums :-)

The quality of the wigs & backer makes our jamming sound like studio recordings but live. Its awesome fun.

T-Bones house really gets shaking and the little town we jam in just goes Whoah! Holee $hit!

and correct I havent finished whitewalling the image yet.

Once its finished I will post one in the main street whenever we jam just for the "wtf?" factor.

T-Bone and I have been jamming since we were teenagers and man.. were old now hahaha.

As i've said.. Lock up ya mothers! :air_kiss: The Filths in town! :sarcastic_hand:

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For shame, Charles J. White! For shame!

As a born in the midwest, and transplanted proud innocent Deep Southerner, I find that your pseudo band name makes me blush.

However... if Clit materializes and were to tour, I'd like them to check out a band for possible support that makes the the rounds in South Alabama and the Florida panhandle.

Gnat Gash Snackers.

Might have changed to, 'The Gash Snackers' now, I'm not sure. I haven't seen them in a few.

Great personality, original "tongue in cheek" lyrics... nothing too deep to contemplate.

A completely entertaining evening.

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