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If You Started a Band - What Would You Name It?

Charles J. White

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Just read Stephen Fry's autobiography (the first one) in which he recalls being at boarding school in the seventies and sixth-formers amusing themselves by sending him (as the younger "fag") to their friends with messages about their favourite bands. They take their favourite bands very seriously and take it as a grave insult if he shows up repeating a message like "Fairport Convention are better than the Incredible String Band" or whatever, and are apt to want to shoot the messenger. Also he isn't into music himself at all at this point, and has trouble remembering the names of the bands ("The Unbelievable String Band" etc, which makes them shout at him even more) or even, initially, realizing that it's even about bands. So when someone gives him a message about Jethro Tull, he says:

"As in the drill?"

"The Drill? Never heard of them. Look, just say 'Jethro Tull is better than...'"

I reckon that would be quite a cool band name. Sounds very punk.

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My high school band was called 'Chester Mellon Experience'. We each chose one word: the bass player chose Chester from Sean William Scotts character in 'Dude, Where's My Car?' :rolleyes: (I know, yikes), the drummer chose Mellon from 'Blind Melon' (with an additional 'l', don't know why) and I chose Experience obviously from Jimi Hendrix Experience. Ahh, to be young again... :lol:

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Locomotive Breath used to be one of the only JT songs I liked until I heard the early stuff just recently.


Listen to these - A Song For Jeffrey & Driving Song!

To hell with it, I'll post them for you!

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