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Led Zeppelin - a rare book


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Hello everyone!

Just like you i'm a big fan of Led Zeppelin and after many years and many happy memories i thought i could give something back, i could manifest my gratitude through a, very special, rare book dedicated to the band. I am part of a team that creates books printed on handmade paper in a vintage style. The book is wholly printed on handmade paper and with wooden covers. I thought i'll ask your opinion about the book given the fact that we were thinking about, later on, releasing it into the market. Thanks for your time, hope you get around this.







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thanks for the advices, i will take them into consideration. the book is a prototype and will suffer modifications along the way. The information in the book it's not it's strongest point at this time, we are trying to get in touch with the officials so we can get some inedited, after so many years this would be hard to get, or special material. the book is designed to be a powerful and all together different representation of our love and appreciation for the band , different from the standard books, for all the standard objects made for an infinite series in a vast quantity and so giving the impression that our consideration for the band, their realisations and efforts, is just as meaningless and common as this objects. Hope it will be the next best book on led zeppelin. will let you know when some new information appears. thanks again, take care!

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Hello! we are trying to get the officials to lend us some help so we can produce a rare and special content, thus, resulting in some very original content and some very authentic artwork, based on the way the handmade paper is created, the way it's printed, put together, the graphic concept that we will implement(framing, font, pictures), the wooden covers, all of it made by our own hands. The price is estimated to be around 50 $, transport fee not included, for now.

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