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Looking for 2 High Resolution pics of Jimmy.

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Hi guys,

I'd like to make my own poster of almighty Jimmy.

I'm looking for two particular pictures (from 1977 i guess).

In order to print it right, i need the bigger high resolution available out there.

Does any of you have something like that ?

I think the first picture was printed in a lot of magazines back then so may be there is a high res. scan available somewhere.

Also for the story, i'd like to know from which shows those 2 pics were taken (by who ? may be there is a book i can buy with this pic, i don't know...)

Thx a lot for your help !

Cheers from France.

... I tried to write my best english here ;)



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The best way to find high resolution images for a poster is to search on Google for "Jimmy Page" (With the speech marks), then select 'Images' and then change the size to 'Large'.

Thx for your help !

Already did that in google image but even with "large" it's still not big even for a good poster print.

So I'm still looking ...

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