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John Paul Jones in Berlin for premiere of Celebration Day


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German tabloid B.Z. published a brief interview with John Paul Jones. It's dated October 15th and signed by journalist Marcel Anders.

Here's an excerpt via google translate, there's a link below to the full text in German.


Der letzte Vorhang für Led Zeppelin


15. Oktober 2012 14:07 Uhr, Marcel Anders | Aktualisiert 14:07

Bassist John Paul Jones hat Berlin-Premiere mit „Celebration Day", dem Abschiedsfilm von Led Zeppelin.

She is considered the mother of all rock bands. Led Zeppelin set the bar. Having sold 300 million albums and songs for eternity as "Stairway to Heaven". 32 years after the final resolution falls on Monday, the final curtain for the cult band: In Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz has "Celebration Day" Premiere (19.30 clock). The film about their reunion concert in London in 2007. Is present in person bassist John Paul Jones (66). B.Z. met him prior to the interview.

BZ: You celebrate premieres in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Berlin - why here?

John Paul Jones: The city is a real metropolis - more than any other on the continent. Berlin is open for anything - other languages, cultures, religions and arts.

What do you feel when you see your reunion gig at the movies?

Fortunately, a good one! (Laughs) Finally, we did not know beforehand whether we manage the songs after all these years still correct.

Secret of your success?

The Groove! He made sure our concerts not only ugly types hanging around, but danced a lot of pretty women. A sight. This is everything a musician dreams of.

With private jet disassembled hotel rooms, groupie-hosts and stadium shows you were a role model for Guns'n Roses, Motley Crue, and many other bands.

No question. The private jet we have gained. Initially, we toured with a rickety car through America. Then in the Greyhound bus line and then with fliers.

read complete interview (in German: http://www.bz-berlin...cle1562779.html)

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Just came back from the German premiere. The Movie is nothing but awesome from start to finish. I only wish they would have left all the Plantations intact (Jason's YOU SHOOK ME is cut as is the whole Kashmir introduction) but that's no real complaint.

After the screening there was 30 minutes Q&A with JPJ and Carruthers. Nice and funny fellows.



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Great to see John Paul Jones in Berlin, one of his favorite Cities....

Very light hearted interview with very interesting responses from The Legendary Musician, as best available translation thus far...The Royal Orleans response from John Paul Jones is too funny, light hearted as it is, I am seriously waiting for accuracy/translation...it's rather important at this point :coffee: , Please do entertain us and Thank you in advance!! ;)

Cinemas/Celebration Day Showings in Berlin:


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hey i was there last night and had a blast of a good time :))

would like to see more of the filmed interview, i remember at least 2 pro cams shooting this from the front row.

meanwhile here's my quick translation attempt of that B.Z. article / interview (its really a baaad paper, btw)..

B.Z.: Celebrations are being held in L.A., London, Tokyo and Berlin - why here ?

John Paul Jones: This City is a real World Metropolis - more so than any other on the european continent. Berlin is open for everything, different languages, cultures, religions and arts.

What kind of sensation do you get seeing your reunion gig at the theatre ?

JPJ: Luckily it's a good feeling ! (laughs) In the end we didn't know beforehand if we were able to pull off the songs in a good way after all these years.

Your secret of success ?

JPJ: It's the Groove! That's what made sure that at our gigs there weren't only hanging out ugly boys, but lots and lots of beautiful, dancing women. What a great view - that's all a musician can dream of.

With a private Jet, destroyed hotel rooms, groupies galore and stadion shows you were role models for Guns & Roses, Mötley Crüe and many other bands.

JPJ: No question - we worked hard for getting that private jet - in the beginning we toured the states with a rickety car, then with a greyhound bus and afterwards with airliners.

The band myth - isn't it more like a monster to you, could you ever really walk out of it's shadow as solo artists ?

JPJ: Not really. In the end Led Zeppelin enables me a secure life. This band earns more money to this day than i could ever be able to spend.

Were a lot of sex and drugs involved ?

JPJ: Not as much as people say, at large. We all were married happily, why should we hold huge orgies ? Of course you'd get involved with groupies when you were lonesome or felt homesick, but it wasnt a routine.

The song Royal Orleans on 1976's Presence lyrically deals with you inviting a Transvestite into your room.

JPJ: No, that wasn't me.

The 2nd part of the lyric describes how you fell asleep with a joint and started a nice fire.

JPJ: (laughs) That's more possible! Concerning the Transvestite: i knew him well. The mix-up did really happen, but to another band member.

In 2007 20 million wanted to see you guys. Why didn't you keep on ?

JPJ: We couldn't find a good agreement. Robert didn't want to do this.

So were you peeved at him ?

JPJ:No, one's gotta accept that. Even if i would have liked to continue.

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Thank you, moonson, for the translation!

Earlier today Radio Eins aired an interview between journalist Helmut Heimann and John Paul Jones. Online logs of the station indicate that this was broadcast today at 16.40 Berlin time. The audio should be made available soon on either of these two pages:

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John Paul Jones interview 2012 in Berlin; Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Premie

Just delightful. After a couple of awkward pressers, plus a bit of pomp and of tetchiness ... here is a focused interviewer who is drawing more from JPJ than I've seen or read in a while. Really engaging, very authentic - great vibe.

Though of course it would be SO much better in Google Translation B)

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I almost fell out when I saw it posted. I loved that interview!! (hopefully the rest will show up). JPJ is just beyond class. I love how his answers can be so short but so sweet and funny!

I honestly think he does not look a day over 45. The man is aging extremely well. I have searched high and low for the rest of the interview and will continue..again, hopefully the full interview will show up soon:-)

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... here is a focused interviewer who is drawing more from JPJ than I've seen or read in a while. Really engaging, very authentic - great vibe.

I think this premiere, along with the one in Tokyo, allowed for more introspection and real dissection of the film, which was almost impossible with the other two premieres where everything was dominated by the flashy lights and the red carpets. I wasn´t there, but that's what I conclude from seeing what has been posted. Given to choose, I would have wanted to attend this premiere in Berlin more than the others. The distance between interviewer and interviewee was shortened and even the distance with the crowd.

Of course Germany is a huge market for music, I recall some statistics I saw not long ago, apparently it had surpassed Great Britain as the largest market for music in the European Union.

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Thanks to everyone for filling us in on the Berlin premiere. Would have loved to attend this as it seemed a more intimate and relaxed event, than the first two premieres. Just loved that interview with Jonesey. He's so down to earth and love that dry sense of humor of his.

Special thanks to Deborah J for that great video interview with JPJ. Hopefully, the rest of it will surface.

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here is a focused interviewer who is drawing more from JPJ than I've seen or read in a while. Really engaging, very authentic - great vibe.

The interviewer at the cinema, (british born) Alan Bangs is of course quite well known among Rock music affionadoas in Germany. He was the man shining a light behind the scenes at countless legendary Rockpalast TV Broadcasts of the 1980s and does also host many exeptional radioshows of special content. Perhaps a little bit of a John Peel figure.

So thanx to whoever who chose him to talk to JPJ that day - there probably would not have been any better fit for this occasion !

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And on a sidenote - after the interview was over, Mr. Baldwin signed LPs, CDs, Photos etc that people brought along for at least 10 minutes time, till most people were served and happy. Myself qeued up to get an auotograph on an ancient LP cover of his 'Scream for Help' soundtrack vinyl. Someone else held up a book that i believe was a copy of 'Hammer of the Gods' and John refused to sign it, stating it was awful!

i managed to get my LP cover signed and meanwhile asked if he still liked that album.

his short answer was "Uhh,no."

(I really only like oneandahalfsongs on it myself, but the cover lent itself well for a signature) ;)

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