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Mannheim, Germany- Eisstadion- July 3, 1980

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This was the 12th show of the 1980 European tour and the second night played in Mannheim-the only time they played two shows in the same city on this tour. They were scheduled to play a second show in Berlin when tickets first went on sale but it was canceled.

This show is the better of the two played in Mannheim, Germany. They play a very good version of Trampled Underfoot and Kashmir is another great version similar to the stellar version in Frankfurt-again with superb drum fills from Bonzo towards the end of the song.

Achilles Last Stand during the part towards the end where everyone stops while Bonzo does the drum fill (it varies how he does it in all versions) -he actually just keeps doing the galloping regular beat. He did the same thing in the previous nights version.

One unique thing that is different at this show than any other on this 1980 tour- they perform Rock and Roll as the second last encore. It was always the first encore at the other shows.

Speaking of Achilles Last Stand- there are some fantastic pics of that song in this thread. Enjoy!


Train Kept a Rollin'

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Black Dog

In The Evening

The Rain Song

Hot Dog

All My Love

Trampled Underfoot

Since I've Been Loving You

Achilles Last Stand

White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


Stairway to Heaven


Communication Breakdown

Rock and Roll

Train Kept a Rollin'


Train Kept a Rollin' or Nobody's Fault but Mine


In the Evening


Hot Dog


Trampled Underfoot


Trampled Underfoot


Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


Achilles Last Stand


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always look forward to your posts, and again you did not disappoint !!! I think Andy must've tweaked the keys and synths a little for Mannheim coz they sound right.

thought FOR YOUR LIFE should have been played immediately after this one- "...exhibition is your habit..."


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