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A Hard Day's Night: Live At Shea Stadium


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Hey all!

It's been a while since I've posted here, but I came back to share something very cool for all you Beatle fans here!

I'm starting a new project over at Ledzepfilm called "A Hard Day's Night: Live At Shea Stadium".

It's very different from the thousands of versions found on bootleg, because this one is unique from the others. Unlike most versions, this one will have the original audio from the feed recorded at the show unlike some boots. This is because in 1966, the Beatles rerecorded several of the songs and instrument tracks to be used in a documentary on the show released in 1966. The whole audio track has been deleted and has been overdubbed with the correct audio. Also, the project will have matrixed video, taken from bootlegs, Anthology, and the documentary on Shea, to have a more complete video track. Many of the songs have clips from other parts from the show of George using the wrong guitar, Ringo using the wrong cymbal, etc. Most of these edits will be put into their places, but some unfortunutely will not.

I want this to be very special, as I haven't released a video in a while.

Please tell me if there is a Beatles topic for me to repost this in, or this is somewhat off topic.

Here is a preview of "Help!" from the project. Please, tell me what you think :)


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