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How Led Zeppelin changed the world of Music


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What do you all think of how Zeppelin changed the world of music? In what way did they do things that others did not.

For me I think they changed the way music was heard. In the sense that you really heard the individuals personality in the music. For example. Bonzo to me was like a Gorilla on the hunt in most of his drumming. Robert had a very siren urgency in his voice. Page could rock but also employ a wizerdy in his playing. He was never paint by the numbers. JPJ always put a little bit of Funky melody in his bass. He just never follwed the riff. LZ in all would always make there songs more colorfull than most bands. They could change the tempo and the groove.

To this day. I hear a lot of people referencing new bands as the next Zeppelin or songs that are Zeppelineque. When ever I see Zeppelin tribute bands on Ytube. Most of them have to be pretty good.

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