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Men are...


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Haha...oh yeah. That's very true.

And I resent it being assumed that we all "need one"! :huh:

I'm certainly no feminist either though.

This just falls into putting people in boxes which bugs me in any context.

I'm with you, pidgeonholing people is kinda offensive. Two wrongs dont make a right. The way I would see this as far as the guys go. Dont make a forum or place for the same behavior. Make one for saying how most men really feel. We love our women, but societal norms have made it to where we arent supposed to say this over and over, it will really be viewed as a female type behaviour. Now all you girls know guys are taught "be tough, dont show your feelings, yada yada." But when we dont the coin is turned. Makes it a catch 22 situation. I have a huge sense of humour. Guys please dont make a place to counter this, chuckles. It goes nowhere.

Be sensible.

Rolls>>> :kiss:

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Men are like PMS- the majority of the time they are more annoying than hell and make you very angry!

Men are like mental institutions- they are full of stupidity.



hey, hey woman,

you forgot to mention:

Menage a' trois

















and of course.. it should be noted that men are essential to women.

..without "men" you women would be nothing but a bunch of wo's. :P



btw.. I loves wo's. ;)

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Do men come with instructions?

Sure do. My bf's reads:

"To prepare MAN, you will need a system that supports MAN. You should ensure that you have loaded MAN support module (modprobe MAN-storage) and try to find out which system MAN has been trained to. To speak to MAN, you may have to turn off its speech protection switch.

Note that the MAN should be at least valiant size (smaller setups are possible if you follow Section 4.4.2). :blink: There is all-in-one MAN package which contains all necessary device (includes character) as well as MAN configuration file. You only have to extract package directly to MAN.


Using this method will destroy anything already stored on MAN. Make sure that use the correct name for MAN is made. :unsure:

After done, mount MAN (mount /dev/sda /mnt) :huh: , which now has filesystem on it, and copy dream image to it (see Section 4.4.3, “Adding dream man image”). Unmount MAN (umount /mnt) and you are done. :) "

I'm worried a bit that they mixed things up when they translated it from Korean via Japanese and Hungarian into English... :(

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