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New Interview With Vic Flick on Working with Jimmy in Studio Session Days


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Recently, I did an interview with 1960's guitar session player Vic Flick about a whole range of topics, James Bond, George Martin, Big Jim Sullivan etc. but my biggest area of emphasis was on his work in the studios with Jimmy Page in the 1960s. Great read, enjoy!



FZ: You mentioned you worked alongside Jimmy Page in that era, what was Jimmy like at that time, what was he like as a guitarist?

VF: I mean he was a nice guy. He was really sort of shy and a reticent sort of fellow who played good guitar when he knew what he had to play if you know what I mean. He used to get booked in on sessions and he couldn’t read [music] to save his life, but he had a very very quick ear, very quick music ear and very talented on the guitar. Many times we’d be sitting together in the studio and he’d get something written that he had to play and he’d say, ‘Hey Vic, what’s this? What’s this sound like?’ And I’d play it for him a couple of times and he got it. As long as I sort of gave him a little kick when he had to play he was okay [laughs]. Mostly he was booked for his little riffs and solos and stuff.

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