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Munich, Germany- Olympia Halle- July 5, 1980

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This is the next to last show played with John 'Bonzo' Bonham on the drums. It is a great show and it is has only surfaced as a audio source.

This would be the last time Achilles Last Stand was played by the original band because for some reason it was dropped at the next and last show in Berlin on July 7, 1980.

I find this ironic that the last time it is played, that it is played in the city where it was recorded back in 1975 for the Presence album. It was recorded at Musicland Studios in Munich, Germany. The studio was situated in the basement of the Arabella High-Rise Building.

So Nobody's Fault but Mine and Achilles Last Stand are played in the city where they were recorded-very cool.

Led Zeppelin brought a special guest on stage for the second encore of Whole Lotta Love. They brought Simon Kirke of Bad Company out with his own drum kit and they played a fiery version of Whole Lotta Love with 2 drummers.

One other tidbit -John Bonham had shaved off his beard for this show and the Berlin show.

Video Footage:


Train Kept a Rollin'

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Black Dog

In The Evening

The Rain Song

Hot Dog

All My Love

Trampled Underfoot

Since I've Been Loving You

Achilles Last Stand

White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


Stairway to Heaven


Rock and Roll

Whole Lotta Love

Train Kept a Rollin'


Train Kept a Rollin'


Most likely Train Kept a Rollin'


Train Kept a Rollin' or Nobody's Fault but Mine


Nobody's Fault but Mine


The Rain Song


The Rain Song


The Rain Song


All My Love


All My Love


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I initially put this pic in the Berlin 1980 photo thread but I believe it is from this show.

Rock and Roll or Whole Lotta Love


I initially put this pic in the Berlin 1980 photo thread but I believe it is from this show.

Rock and Roll or Whole Lotta Love


Rock and Roll or Whole Lotta Love


Whole Lotta Love with Simon Kirke from Bad Company


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Bonzo shaves his beard for the last shows. That's weird. This is the last one from 1980 that you hadn't put pictures yet, right davidzoso?

Yes sir this was the last one I had left to do. I have some pics for most of the other shows I have already done to add every so often and I am gonna do one of unknown pics- pics from shows that I am not 100% sure which concert they are from.
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