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"No quarter" or "Ice fishing at night"

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No Quarter is Zeppelin song, even if most of it was written by JPJ. The same with other LZ songs that have only Page/Plant credits- I believe it was 101% team work of best musicians of that time. Thats where the magic of those songs lie.

P.S Thunderthief is my favourite all time partially instrumental album- Shibuya Bop, Daphne, Hoedidle, Leafy Meadows are masterpieces. Down To The River To Pray,Ice Fishing At Night are beautiful pieces on their own.

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No Quarter is a timeless Epic !! I adore all of Zooma and Thunderthief, But if you add the awesomeness of Jonesy, to the Mystique of Jimmy's Guitar, to the thunder of Bonzo's Kit, to the magic that is robert's vocals, you get No Quarter. Which is something impossible for Jonesy alone to recreate, and i'm saying that in the most respectful way possible :) .

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