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On 9/12/2019 at 11:49 PM, DogsoverLava said:

Thanks - I'm interested in where you got the info about the guitars used on the recording.... I've been listening pretty close trying to "hear" the Fender 12 on there - I have not picked it out of the mix yet but I'm deconstructing and rebuilding it now. I'm in the middle of recording a N4N recreation of the song --- here's some early sketches of me working out the orchestration

I beat mapped the drums from the original zeppelin tune to create my time grid then programmed my own drums in (but kept Bonzo's time drift). I've just been adding instruments and tweaking the sound trying to zero in on the mix and production secrets as I build the arrangement. Here's where I'm at now.... still a long way to go.


My source for instrumentation is a couple of Guitar World interviews with Page and a book called: Led Zeppelin, All the Songs. The book really breaks down all the instruments, effects, production etc. of every recorded song. Pretty interesting stuff.

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Hi, I see this topic is a bit old but if anyone is still reading, I have a question about the strings on Kashmir: I've heard that during recording, Peter Grant suggested they use a "Pakistani" orchestra from Southall (which is a bit odd as I thought Southall is a premominantly Sikh/Punjabi area), but elsewhere I've read that a western orchestra was used, with arrangements by John Paul Jones. Can anyone shed any light?


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On 9/15/2019 at 4:32 PM, DogsoverLava said:

Here's the arrangement leading into the breakdown at the first coda section.... still scratch tracks as we build the arrangement and tweak the time grid.


Hey - the content was stripped out.  I know this is an old forum but if you're still there be good to get a link to any re-construction of Kashmir that you've done...

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