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Long Live Bonzo!

For those that are not aware of drummer extraordinaire Brian Tichy's brainchild here is the video interview with iDrum magazine's Ian Croft in which Brian details how our fantastic show/event got its start and since that show September 25, 2010, 3 others have occurred.It is now called "Bonzo's Birthday Bash" and most just refer to it as Bonzo Bash now.

The show is Executive Produced by Joe Sutton and I am very proud to have been added as producer to the last show. The poster for the most recent show is attached and many many many photos of all who have played this amazing event can be found at our highly active Facebook page https://www.facebook...zosBirthdayBash which we'd love all Bonzonians to come be part of.

Here is the press release so you can see just how much heart and soul Brian Tichy puts into this tribute to John Henry Bonham in a fashion unmatched by any other who is not his blood*.



A Tribute Concert To John Henry Bonham Of Led Zeppelin

Rock's top drummers play tribute to rock's greatest drummer!

Thursday, May 31st, House Of Blues, Los Angeles

Bonzo's Birthday Bash just keeps getting bigger! More than 20 of rock's top drummers, a great opening acoustic band, a great house band, extremely charismatic guest musicians and speakers are all there ready to go!

But now, on top of that, we welcome aboard Poison drummer Rikki Rockett as well as Lynch Mob frontman Oni Logan who will both be joining in on the fun!

Also adding his thoughts and stories to the event will be Snow drummer Stephen Quadros, aka the "Fight Professor", who is one of mixed martial arts' most respected commentators. Stephen will be speaking in between drummers as will be legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer, who is also showcasing his private photos of his time with Bonzo and Led Zeppelin.

Bonzo's Birthday Bash is now also offering 2 VIP packages packed with goods every Bonzo fan would live to have. The "Whole Lotta Love" and "Kashmir" packages are available here:


Singing with opening acoustic act "The Calm Before The Storm" featuring guitar master Mitch Perry, ex-Ozzy bassist Phil Soussan, and Quiet Riot bassist Chuck Wright will be Chas West (Bonham/Lynch Mob/ The Moby Dicks), Shaun Williamson and Lorraine Lewis (Femme Fatale).

After 3 groundbreaking tribute shows entitled "Bonzo: The Groove Remains The Same" and a collective passion and respect amongst all the participating drummers, past and present to John Bonham, the greatest rock drummer ever, Brian Tichy and Joe Sutton have decided to go for it once again!

Tichy says, "It is a relatively simple concept. When I first thought of this, the idea seemed too cool NOT to try. You get a John Bonham replica drum set, complete with gong and timpani, up front, center stage, and have each drummer perform their favorite Led Zeppelin song with a house band (The Moby Dicks). There are no rules other than to have fun putting your own groove and character into your song choice! It's such a unique night, seeing how all these great drummers approach the same drum set making it their own! And 'The Moby Dicks' hold their own as a true force to be reckoned with! We have structure, and within the structure there is total freedom, making the pace and vibe of this show somewhere between a backyard party and a.... backyard party with a killer band playing Led Zep songs! Haha! 'The Groove Remains The Same' has morphed into 'Bonzo's Birthday Bash', as we celebrate John Bonham's birthday!

Tichy went as far as to say, "Bonzo's Birthday Bash is now even more so the equivalent of a gong on fire on top of an erupting volcano next to a wildebeest migration complete with lurking, starving crocodiles and a fireworks finale across the river that not even the Olympics can rival!!"

John Bonham deserves it! His right foot alone deserves it!! Bonzo's Birthday Bash is the ultimate tribute show and that's that! So get a ticket, get a good seat, grab a now classic "Bonzo Burger" and get into the festivities!

Tickets available at www.hob.com

Tickets are $25 and $30 day of show

Doors at 8pm.

Sponsored by ESP Guitars, Gorilla Snot, Dirty Tequila, Coffin Cases

The cast of ever growing drummers and guest players starts here!


Steven Adler: (Guns 'N Roses / Adler)

Seven Antonopoulos: (Opiate For The Masses / Leaves' Eyes)

Carmine Appice: (Rod Stewart, Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, drum legend)

Vinny Appice: (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven And Hell, Kill Devil Hill)

Frankie Banali: (Quiet Riot)

Gregg Bissonette: (David Lee Roth / Ringo Starr All Starr Band)

Bobby Blotzer: (Ratt)

Fred Coury: (Cinderella)

Jimmy D'Anda: (Bulletboys)

Virgil Donati: (Allan Holdsworth / Seven The Hardway)

Troy Patrick Farrell: (White Lion)

Ray Luzier: (Korn)

Khurt Maier: (Salty Dog)

Roy Mayorga: (Stone Sour)

Mike Portnoy: (Dream Theater / Adrenaline Mob)

Rikki Rockett: (Poison)

Mark Schulman: (Foreigner / Pink)

Matt Sorum: (Velvet Revolver / Guns 'N Roses)

Glen Sobel: (Alice Cooper)

Brian Tichy: (Whitesnake / S.U.N.)

Joe Travers: (Zappa Plays Zappa)

Simon Wright: (AC/DC / Dio)

Yael: (The Love Project/Ugly Kid Joe)

*Special Guests of Groove:

Sebastian Bach

Jeff Pilson (Foreigner)

Billy Sheehan: (Mr. Big, Niacin, David Lee Roth)

Eddie Kramer

Oni Logan (Lynch Mob)

Stephen Quadros the "Fight Professor"

Lorraine Lewis

Shaun Williamson


The Moby Dicks:

Michael Devin- bass (Whitesnake)

Stephen LeBlanc- keys (Jason Bonham's Led Zep Exp.)

Keith St. John- vox (Montrose)

Brian Tichy- guitar, drums (S.U.N.)

Chas West- vox (Bonham, Lynch Mob, Zep Set)

Brent Woods- lead and rhythm guitars (Brentwood Forest)

*Jason of course carries his dad's legacy with pride, skill and the deepest respect, and he too has been a drummer in this show. His aunt Deborah has sung in this show, and most recently, a pregnant Zoe was special guest, leading the whole audience in singing happy birthday to her dad, the God of Thunder.

We wanted to introduce ourselves to this forum and invite you all to our facebook family and be added to the legacy that so clearly lives here at your forum and website.


Noelle Kim Retes

Bonzo's Birthday Producer

Social Media Director










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Cool, thanks Beckenbauer 6! Funny thing is that I had a graphic artist friend (Brandon "Bonham" Katchel) add Bonham to the top of row 'cuz he wasn't on it at all and that was just WRONG to exclude him, wrong I tell ya! LOL ... Once Bonzo was on it I could then share this philosophy ... Bill Hicks on it was an added bonus indeed.

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Cool, thanks Beckenbauer 6! Funny thing is that I had a graphic artist friend (Brandon "Bonham" Katchel) add Bonham to the top of row 'cuz he wasn't on it at all and that was just WRONG to exclude him, wrong I tell ya! LOL ... Once Bonzo was on it I could then share this philosophy ... Bill Hicks on it was an added bonus indeed.

Tell me about it...! John Bonham woulda been the first guy I put on there

Bonzo's Birthday Bash sounds like a great idea. Me and my friends might have our own unofficial tribute to him next May... by getting very drunk, just like he used to

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Aw, thanks Ross! We're lucky that Bonzonians are the coolest people on the planet and that is reflected in our FB community. I have so much fun and have learned so much while running Bonzo's-Birthday Bash. I assume you friended us? If not, you better! ;)


Anything Bonzo is of interest to me,BBB. :)

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LOL Beck 6! Come do it at the next Bonzo Bash, you will be in a crowd of like minded Bonzonian Zep Heads! We are on a mission to turn Bonzo's Birthday Bash into the "St. Patrick's day of the 21st century" ... :::hic cup:::

Well, I'm half Irish, so I certainly know how to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks for the invite

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