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What Made You Happy today?

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Finding these kick-ass Biba boots on sale at Neiman Marcus and buying them with my Xmas gift card:



Yay! Cool shoes!!!

the kids left at 12:30 today.

half days always make me happy.

:lol: I know what you mean on that one... ROFL

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I'm happy because my house looks like my home again! :lol:

The Christmas stuff is all put away, and my house is sooo much less cluttered!

...did I mention that I didn't even have to vacuum? Someone else was nice enough to do it for me! :wub:

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Thinking back on the times when my co-worker would deliver her report on the Elvis Presley concert that she would attend every year. I'm just starting to understand why she raved about him like a total lunatic. I used to think Led Zeppelin fans were bad, but Elvis fans were definitely more nuts than any I remember.

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Nevermind. Not happy anymore. <_<

Everyday is a blessing. I woke up at 4:00 AM.. I play in a praise band - lead the praise for Saturday Morning Worship Service. I got to the Church 5AM. The band had a brief run through of the songs we will be singing. 5:45 AM we were on stage. Did our 30 minute morning praise - It is a full band... Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard. It was decided that we will not skimp out just because it was Saturday Morning. So we made everyone stand up... the congregation fits about 800 people.. and Sat Morning usually it is packed. It was blessed morning. We heard a positive uplifting message from our pastor.

Try that every Sat Morning. It will make your day.

I am happy hope your happy too.

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My friend called me tonight from the bar....

She's planning on booking this band that I know to play for her wedding dance, but she hadn't heard them live. And they were playing in her neck of the woods this weekend, so she went and checked them out tonight. She was all like "They're really good, I like them." And I was like, "Yeah, I thought you would" And then she was like, "Well, they really like you!" So, I got to talk to the drummer briefly, and my friend was all giggly and drunk and in a really good mood. AND We discussed some upcoming concert plans, which always makes me happy.

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