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What Made You Happy today?

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watching my almost 2 year old daughter laugh her silly head off as she ran through the same rain puddle 20 times. and then later in the day, witnessing my five year old son's great pride in himself as he read aloud a few lines in a children's book. it does not get any better than this.

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^ :lol:

I LOVE a clean-shaven guy!

(either clean shaven or goatee...none of the Santa Claus beard crap)

What made me happy today: (last night...early, early today...) plotting with a fellow board member on how to steal the ice rink's zamboni! ROFL :hysterical:

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Yeah--I won't like the Grizzly Adams thing. It's kind of...just not attractive. I've got a few great uncles and uncles and dad's friends that have the big old truckers' beards. Not a turn on. :lol:

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1. People here being so sweet.

2. I think someone on the list is in love with me. Well I am here to let them know, I may feel the same.

I have every inclination to think this is so, and if it is I will be sooooo happy. I mean they kept sending me notes saying they cared and sending these things :wub: Nothing more, just those and say look at this will you. Get it....

I know I sound silly, ohhh please be true, send me a note or something. I dont make a good single person..

Shad :huh: w


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