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What Made You Happy today?


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I'm quite positive that if i borrowed fifty bucks from you, it was for your own good. ;)

Good to see Nick has out doing his collections...now i know who to avoid! :P

Bass strings can get expensive..... It's a good thing I only change them every 2 years or so....


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^ :) Yes I am very proud. Being my firstborn's first baby.

What a trip.

3 months eh? Congratulations! Getting any sleep yet? ;)

Your firstborn's first born...very cool!

It's our first also....You said something about sleep? What is this sleep?

Not so much :lol:

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Found 'em! You really made me search for these. :P

What a beautiful baby! As pretty as her name. Gorgeous blue eyes. She obviously takes after her grandma. :)

Oh and her daddy is cute too - he reminds me of my son. Our kids have great genes. ;)

Thanks Mandy, here are two, a bit blury but still...




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I took my Middle Son to a Hospital Dentist today to have two wisdom teeth removed. We gets there at about 11.30, 15mins early, at 12pm he goes in, i get a call from the nurse at 12,15pm to go to the room, i'm thinking that my son is getting a bit uncontrollable or something like that.

When i get in to the room my son is sitting on a low down hospital trolly with this massive smile on his face and this young nurse is in fits of laughter. I sit down and ask her whats up, she tells me that my son is having her in stitches, i ask what medication she has put him on and she tells me its Ketamine and Dopamine (i think!!) and the procedure has been completed, two wisdom teeth out inside of ten minutes must be some sort of record?

Anyways there my son sitting there in oblivion, he tells me this "i'm gonna give up smoking weed if i can get some of this (Ketamine) is fcking brilliant, i can see why people take it" then he starts singing rap songs, the nurse is in fits again, and she say that everybody reacts differently, only that she has never seen someone react like my son has, she tells me not to worry and just get him home quickly and safely.

Now my sons is a fcuking potential junkie, and i want some of it too. :lol:

Very Kind Regards, Danny and ROCK ON FOREVER my friend ROF ROF ROF HA HA HA

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