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What Made You Happy today?


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Hi All, especiallyyou KB,

I have finally stopped the drip under the bathroom sink, 25 years after it started. :blink::o:lol:

The whole family are totally amazed and impressed, instead of using the old ways of Solder, PTFE Tape, Compression Joints, i finally gave in to the New Technology and used "Copper Push Fit Components" and they worked first time. :yay:

Expensive, but like spending money on the wife, worth it in the long run, i wish i had learned my lesson years ago so as i could have spent less time sleeping on the couch with the dog. :slapface:

My next job is to fix a shower curtain to a slanted wall, any ideas? KB? wad d'ya say? :thanku: anticipation.

Regards, Danny

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1 Year Smoke Free! :D

Mazel Tov! That's wonderful!!

We took my sister out for her birthday dinner tonight. Jack's Bistro in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore. Wonderful place...can't say enough good things about it.

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