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What Made You Happy today?


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Here you go ally...Fabrice Muamba,has spoken and can recognise his Family members, he still remains in a Serious Condition but he is Stable...

May he continue to make a speedy recovery...

Positive news. Thanks for the update :)

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'Strider' hope all went well, let us know if it can be seen on you-tube, I for 1 would love to see it.

What age group are they?...

Thanks Kate. They sounded great...they're all 15-17. The group was 20 in number. The Clippers won the game, too...beating the Atlanta Hawks. Having trouble uploading the video from my phone to youtube or to here, however.

What I am happy about tonight is after the outstanding concert I went to last night(of Montreal & Deerhoof), and not getting to bed until 3am, I proceeded to sleep and sleep and sleep...and just to be sure, sleep some more. I didn't up til almost 8pm tonight; nearly 17 hours of beautiful, continuous, deep sleep. :zzz:

Man, I slept so long I had three different dreams!

Then, upon waking up, I had one of those immensely satisfying pisses, where you just stand there for a minute and go "ahhhhhhhhh".

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Well, me, a friend of mine and his roomate spent our friday afternoon of last week donating blood to the Red Cross. It was my first time donating blood and it was my friend's first time too. Apparently, his roommate had done it twice already! B) It was nice doing something for someone else. I do hope my blood can save someone's life :)

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First baseball game of the season today! Sunny and hot...really hot. Had to leave early as I almost passed out. I am obviously not ready for the long season and need a few more exhibition games to practice. So, it's on to Sarasota on Saturday! :)

We are eating really well here in the greater Tampa Bay area. Lots of good restaurants.

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I learnt a new word: polyols.

I don't get to learn many new words anymore, but I found this one on the ingredients panel of my Diabetics' Easter Egg, after I'd eaten it all. The egg was cool - 6% sugar, compared with about 65% for a normal one. 'That's just great!', I thought. So I ate it all. Then I read the ingredients, to see how they pulled this off. I saw that it contained 45% 'polyols'. I was just wondering what 'polyols' were when I spotted this: "This product contains polyols and we recommend eating no more than 20g polyols per day due to potential laxative effects. However, sensitive individuals may react to levels less than this".

The egg I'd just wolfed down weighed 205g. Do the math.

just thinking of solid times

and when times do get loose.....

always remembering there will be more solid times :)

Poor you 'Major' another 1 to look out for is 'Sorbitol' found in sugar free mints, it has the same effect...LOL

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